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  • professional technical consulting

    Let the customer know our battery performance, the applicable scope, applicable conditions.
  • Provide quality products

    Excellent quality of products according to the provisions of the contract.
  • Free after-sales service

    Our company set up aftersales service department responsible for after-sales service.
Professional r&d team
For many years engaged experience
Advanced production technology
Strong technical support
Professional after-sales service team

ESIBLY(Qingdao)Operation center is excellent power provider, is the only American English, in the domestic mainland bailey marketing management center and technical service center. Over the years, we specialize in UPS uninterruptible power supply, battery power such as custom product research and development, for the user to design the most comprehensive power protection and power solutions, and provide the best quality of power supply products, technical service and after sales platform, to help customers more secure, solve and management of power system effectively.


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Company Notice

Company staff wish the motherland happy birthday! My company has relevant staff on duty during the holiday, if you have any demand please call our phone, the inconvenience also please understand, thank you!